Augmented Reality in Education provides a new way of learning experience to the students where the students will have a better understanding of the subject as they interact with it using this technology. This way of learning will help the students prepare for their better future ahead of them. The possible benefits in the field of Education will be,

Create a immersive experince for engaging more students

Increased content understanding

Long-term memory retention

Bridges the gap between virtual and real world

Increased student motivation

Improved physical task performance

Improved collaboration

Creates an exciting world within the classroom

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Using Augmented Reality in Retail will give customers the brainstorming shopping experience they always have imagined. With this technology, the customers can try on products such as clothes and other apparels from a store virtually without trying them on physically. How Augmented Reality will transform the retail,

Virtually try on 3D products from the store

Look at 3D Products without going to the store

Easily interact with other customers about the product

Interact on things that can't be interacted with a sales associate

Try the clothes without physically trying anything on

Use virtual fitting rooms

Unique and surprising shopping experience

Build brand awareness

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Augmented Reality in Construction and Architecture will help the firm place a 3D model of a proposed design onto an existing space using mobile devices and 3D models. This way, the information about the projects could be constructed more easily and any changes can be made before the real construction could take place. Using Augmented Reality will help the firm,

Combines virtual architectural designs with the reality of the construction site

Reduces mistakes and saves a lot of money and time

Interactive 3D model

More efficiency and accuracy of the design

Improves design analysis

You can virtually walk through the complete model

The constructability issues in the designs can be solved earlier

Improves Management of works

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